Sunday, 2 November 2014

Speed Colouring - 15 minutes!

Make it Colourful Challenge #15, 

Speed Colouring!

Hello :)
Today I bring you a step by step tutorial of my 15 minute colouring. Those who know me know I am so slow at colouring so to be asked to colour an image in 15 minutes was quite challenging, so I chose a simple image 'Little Christmas Tree'. I coloured the image in 14.5 minutes!! So I thought I would see how long it then took to put this image on a card, 4 minutes choosing the paper and 4 minutes putting it together. So all up 22.5 minutes to make a basic yet pretty Christmas card that is so much nicer then those ones you can buy at the cheap shops, and your recipients will appreciate the fact that's it is hand made with love <3 So here's how I did it.
Printed the image, chose the markers and set started the timer


2 3 1413884086565_Screenshots (2)

So what I have done is lay down the base colour YG03, that took 1:11 minutes.

4 5 1413886210910_Screenshots (2)

I then used YG63 to 'flick' in some dimension, 49 seconds.

6 7 1413948606618_Screenshots (3)

next I 'flicked' some YG67 to add more depth, 30 seconds.

8 9 1413949869403_Screenshots (2)

Quickly back over with YG03 to blend colours, 10 seconds.

10 11 1413951210100_Screenshots (2)

Using Y23 I coloured the baubles and the star leaving the highlights white, 1:02 minutes.

12 13 1413958950447_Screenshots (2)

Then I have used Y26 to start getting the shadow on the baubles, star & tinsel, 1:30 minutes.

14 15 1413966608040_Screenshots (2)

Next I used Y28 to give depth and the gold look to the Baubles, Star & tinsel, 1:16 minutes.

16 19 1413967672952_Screenshots (2)

Now for the 'pot' I have coloured the base with E25, 40 seconds.

18 19 1413969066495_Screenshots (2)

Then I used E27 to create a shadow, 42 seconds.

E29 was next to add dimension, 1:00 minute.

22 23 1414040953043_Screenshots (2)

Using a gold spica pen I made the tree 'sparkle' unfortunately the photo's failed to show the sparkle :( I also used a white gel pen to intensify the white highlights on the baubles.Then I used W1 to put a shadow under the tree to ground it. I then 'Fluffed' around here and there to finish the tree off, I also spent some time with the colourless blender to erase some of the little bits of ink that jumped outside of the lines, 6 minutes.But it didn't end there........ wait there is more :)I had so much fun quickly colouring the Little Christmas Tree I decided to do three more!


And then I put them on cards!! 1.5 hours later I had 4 Christmas Cards done YAY!


I hope you enjoyed my very long step by step tutorial and you made it all the way down to here :)
Andrea xx

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