Wednesday 24 December 2014

Not so lucky last Christmas Card.

Have you ever coloured an image that you are pretty happy with, but just thought it needed something else? Well that's what happened with this image Phoebe Christmas Wish and if I had left it alone it would have been fine, but no I had to fiddle lol. Anyway in the end it turned out ok, I have learnt a lesson and remembered one of the saying my Mum says often 'Leave well enough alone' haha.

This is the end result


but this is where it went wrong


What was I thinking Bright Yellow Dots!!!!! lol and when you think it couldn't get any worse..


It did!! And just as I was about to throw it out I thought I'd try one more thing and that was to cover the hideous yellow with black, add some snow using the new rubber stamp 'Falling Snow', cut it into an oval put it on a card and Done!! It's not perfect but I think its a pretty good save.

It's Christmas Eve here in Australia only 5 hours till the big man in red pops in and this little elf still has lots of gift wrapping to do, So I will wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year from Australia :)
Andrea xx

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