Wednesday 7 October 2015

Kili Tingatinga Art

Hello friends,
Today I bring you a very special project which I am so proud to have played a small part in. The poster I have coloured is a line art based on the work of Mzuganu from Dar es Salaam Tanzania, Kili Tingatinga Art have newly released 'Kili Kolours' a range of adult and children's colouring A3 Posters and Card Packs and for this release I was asked to colour one of these amazing works of art, I only hope I have done it justice :)

'On the Other Side of the Fence' 
The original art work can be found HERE

I spent so many happy hours colouring this beauty that I thought it only fitting to frame it and display it on my entry wall so everyone who visits can see it. 

I used Copic Markers and Polychromos Pencils and as you can imagine there was a few to many to list, sorry. 

To visit their Facebook Page click HERE

Here is some information about Kili Tingatinga Art

Kili Tingatinga Art founder Yael Maree has seen first-hand the devastation wrought by poverty during her travels to third-world countries, including Tanzania in 2009. Yael's time in the region impacted her deeply, but rather than return to Australia and live life as per usual, she decided to create a tangible fair-trade business that would provide financial independence and a sense of achievement for Tingatinga artist.
Tingatinga artist are highly skilled craftsmen and women who are passionate about their art and take great pride in their work. With Kili Tingatinga Art placing their works on the global stage, these exceptionally talented artists ae finding the recognition they deserve and the financial independence they need. 
Through the sales of their art work over the last two years we have done just that, but it never feels like we do enough, and if you have ever encountered the real face of poverty you will understand why we say this.
Early next year Yael hopes to be able to establish a scholarship program where with funds from sales we will be able to send a selected Tingatinga child to school and help them to receive the education they deserve and in order to do that we need to expand and grow and take the Tingatinga range to the next level, and so with this new product release Yael hopes to do just that with the beautiful new range of colouring posters. 

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Andrea xx


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  2. Hi Andrea, what a fabulous job you have done with Yael's amazing Kili Colours poster. I have them sitting downstairs and cant wait to get started <3 you brightened up my newsfeed this afternoon <3