Wednesday 25 November 2015

Elvette - Santa's List.

Good Evening friends :)

Tonight I am sharing another little Christmas Elf from Make it Crafty this time it's Elvette with Santa's List. I thought I would try to do a darker skin tone with Elvette this time and I'm quite pleased with the result. I printed her too big for a card so she has a new home in my colouring journal.

Elvette- Santa- List .._result_result

Surprisingly colouring the paper scroll is what I found the trickiest and something I need to practice some more,

I wasn't sure what kind of background to do for her, then Zoe suggested I put her on a roof with a night sky so I have attempted to colour 'slate roof tiles', a brick chimney and a night sky I hope you can see that that is what it is lol.

Thanks for stopping by

Andrea xx.

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