Monday, 4 July 2016

Ferris Wheel Fun!

Hey there, I'm sharing my version of the Animated Turning Ferris Wheel from Make it Crafty, it was sometimes challenging but mostly fun to build and decorate this fabulous off the page project. The feeling of satisfaction when turning the handle the first time and watching the little carriages go around made it all worth while.
I chose some shabby looking papers as I wanted my Ferris Wheel to look old and a little run down, so with some distress paint, ink and a distressing tool I think I managed to achieve that, what do you think?
Ferris Wheel 1_result

Ferris Wheel 3_result

Ferris Wheel 2_result

I made a few booboo's along the way especially when hand cutting the papers used to decorated the base and the carriages, as you can see in the photo below I cut slits in the paper where they showed on the outside, whoops luckily I was going for the distressed look. I also didn't check that the 'woodgrain' on the paper was going in the right direction for the tops of the carriages, which may have been an issue if I was decorating the Ferris Wheel in a clean and straight way.

Ferris Wheel 4_result,,,,

If you have a cutting machine that uses SVG files to cut all the paper out you will have this project completed in no time, I don't have one of those cutting machines so I traced all the parts and hand cut them which took me awhile but I really enjoyed it and am super keen to build another one one day.

I recommend you all visit the Make it Crafty shop and check out the video Zoe has made of the Ferris Wheel going around, it will take you back to your childhood.
The kit comes with all the pieces and comprehensive instructions.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my Ferris Wheel, I hope you like it.

Andrea xx