Thursday, 13 August 2015

Chantelle at the Races - Cropped

G'Day everyone :) back today with one of my latest cards.

This time I have chosen 'Chantelle at the Races' Digital image firstly because Dorinda has set a challenge in the 'Facebook Group' to colour feathers as she has recently coloured the NEW Kingfisher Bird image so me being a bit cheeky and because she didn't specify that it should be colouring with new kingfisher image I decided to colour Chantelle's feathers lol.

Also because the CAS Challenge this month is 'Cropped Image' I thought I'd give that a go too. Zoe has made a video on how to crop images Here.

Chantelle Crop Card.._result

Chantelle Crop 4 (2)

So after I printed this lovely I starting colouring her skin using YR0000 to cover/wet the paper then coming in with YR000 to start creating the 'shape' of her skin followed by YR00 to add more depth and slowly working the YR000 and YR00 until I had the result I was happy with, then adding the E93 on the cheeks and E04 on the lips. Using BV20 I worked out where I was placing my shadows, this is really light so easy enough to go over with a YR00 if I wasn't happy, but once happy I went in darker using both BV23 & 25.

The Hair required quite a few different colours to achieve something I was happy with. I started with Y21 all over then Y23 to work out where the darkest areas would be, once that was done I came in with my darkest colour E18 just in the darkest area then moved onto E13, 15, 17 to create the 'strands' of hair going back and forth and adding in some Y23 aswell.

For her Dress and Hat I used some BG colours, BG13 all over but leaving some white areas for highlights followed by BG 15 to start creating form the BG49 create depth blending back through the colours and going over the highlighted areas with BG13 so as not to be stark white and finishing with BV23 & 25 for the shadows.

I used both Copic Markers and Kaszazz Markers for the 'Gold' Roses and Jewellery, going from lightest to darkest and blending as I went. Y11, Y13, A1205, A122 & A7406.

For the 'Fan' part of the Hat I started using my Neutral Grey colours making sure to leave the edges white so I could add the gold colour at the end. I used N5, 7 & 9 just using the darker two colours towards the base of each 'blade' finishing with Y13 & A122 on the edges.

The Feathers started life as violet and teal but doubting this choice I asked a friend for advice and decided to go over the violet with a darker BG colour. Doing tiny flicks to try and make the feathers look real I started with V22, 25 at the base of the feathers then BG10 ,13 from the top going over the violet with BG15. I like that you can still see the remnant's of the violet if you look closely.

So that's how I coloured cropped 'Chantelle at the Races' I hope you find this helpful, until next time :)
Andrea xx
Chantelle is also available in rubber Here.